Monday, 12 March 2018

Doppelganger 入侵者

After being betrayed by good friend, Tian Shun, Li Wei kills him out of anger. He goes on a cruise, with the thought of ending his life but meets Li Rui Ming who stops him. Rui Ming and Li Wei both look similarly alike and strikes a conversation. Rui Ming promises Li Wei he will help him on the debts. Just as Li Wei thought his luck has changed, the cruise meets with an accident and many people onboard perishes. Li Wei survives however Rui Ming doesn’t and many mistaken him to Rui Ming, the wealthy businessman. Li Wei decides to use Rui Ming’s identity. He pretends to have loss of memory and successfully bluffs Rui Ming’s wife, Si Ting that he is her husband.

After resting for one month, he returns home and finds out that Rui Ming has 2 children, Zi Jian and Jia Wen. Li Wei soon begins his new life as Rui Ming however it doesn’t last for very long when Rui Ming’s younger brother finds out that he has embezzle company funds and threatens to call the police if he doesn’t return the money. Li Wei gets kicks out of the company, with the fear of ending up in jail. Si Ting offers to help by selling the house. Out of guilt, he decides to work hard together with Si Ting. The change in his character, touches his children and wife. They decide to downgrade to a smaller apartment to get through this ordeal. Li Wei finds out he has fallen for Si Ting and has grown closer to the children.

One day, Rui Ming reappears and tries to get Ai Ling to get close to Li Wei to reveal his true identity. What will happen to Li Wei after the truth is revealed? Will he still be able to stay with Si Ting and the children?