Tuesday, 30 October 2018

Jalan Jalan 帶你去走走

Born into a middle-income family, Zhang Guo Dong (Chew Chor Meng) worked hard as a tour guide before saving enough money to set up his own small travel agency. 30 years later, despite the desire to retire, he struggles to let go of his beloved agency. He finally decides to do so after experiencing the sudden death of a close friend. He left the agency to his four children, Wei Ru (Dawn Yeoh), Wei Le (Jeremy Chan), Wei Na (Jayley Woo) and Wei Jun (Joel Choo). Still worried about his travel agency, Guo Dong returns to Singapore and to everyone’s surprise, brings back a new companion. The young and pretty Jing Wen (Carol Cheng). The appearance of Jing Wen marks the beginning of a perfect storm in the Zhang family as Guo Dong gives her an executive position in the travel agency. What exactly are the intentions of Jing Wen ? Will she manage the travel agency successfully, or will her actions create more troubles within the family?