Monday, 26 November 2018

Till We Meet Again 千年来说对不起

Unintentionally causing the tragic demises of Tangseng, Zhu Bajie and Shaseng, Caiyue (Hua Xianzhi) falls out of favour with her beloved Sun Wukong. Unbeknownst to both of them, the catastrophe that had befallen on them during their journey to the West had been orchestrated by the Nine-Tail Vixen (Jiu Weihu). Out of despair, Wukong makes it known to Caiyue that he would never forgive her. He dies, leaving Caiyue desperate to do anything to make amends. Caiyue begs the Goddess of Mercy for penance to compensate for past mistakes, and is given a thousand years to find the reincarnated Wukong who would eventually become Zhao Yaojin. She is to find the love of her life, seek his forgiveness and if the heavenly realm would it have, return them on the path towards the journey to the West. Caiyue’s search for a thousand years ends when in her final year, she finds Zhao Yaojin. Unfortunately, Yaojin does not have any impression of his past life nor does he believe in something as ludicrous as journeying to the West to retrieve the scriptures. Facing the love of her life who doesn’t even remember or want anything to do with her, how will Caiyue be able to gain his forgiveness for past transgressions? This is a romantic fantasy that’s transported its characters over an age-long yearning and longing for wrongs to be set right and an expectation for love to mend the voids and abysses of the heart.