Tuesday, 25 December 2018

Heart To Heart 心点心

Yue Xiang Lou (粤香楼) is a famous teahouse in Chinatown in the 80s and 90s with strong Cantonese influence. The teahouse changed its name in 2018 to Yue Xiang Lou (越香楼) (a different Yue from the signboard 21 years ago). Its business suffered as the dimsum had a fusion of both Western and Chinese elements. The owner Yue Tian Hua got into conflict with a potential buyer who had ill intentions and a quick-witted young man managed to get rid of the buyer. Tian Hua discovers that man is his long lost son, Yue Wen Guang, who left with his wife at a tender age. Wen Guang has no feelings towards Tian Hua and readily agrees to sell the shares his late grandfather left for him. However, he mistakes his father for going after the money and decided to change his mind.